Denise and Joe Avila are the creative, imaginative, open minded, whimsical owners of a photography studio in Santa Fe called Cinematic Afterglow.  I am truly blessed to have the opportunity of working with them in creating a music video of my song “Sunshine in the Middle of the Night.”

Here are some shots taken by my wife Linda, during the digital filming of the song.  Linda styled the shoot and dressed me in magical attire.

This is me with a little bird that Denise brought to the shoot.  It sang happily when I sang and listened quietly when I whistled!

Here is a close up of the bird, posing for the image they will use as a logo if they ever do a remake of the movie Woodstock.

This shot exemplifies the grand illusion of the world of cinema.  Though I appear to be extolling nature in a pastoral setting, I am actually at the edge of the parking lot outside Cinematic Afterglow‘s studio.

In the next session we will be filming real monsters and real children!